Case Studies

Thailand property buyer saves money

I received a call from a retired person looking to buy a property in Thailand and needed to transact GBP to THB and ensure the payment of the deposit and final balance was received by the contractual due dates. This person banked with one of the big four banks in the...

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Porcelain importer saves considerable amounts of money

We met with a company importing porcelain from China who had changed providers as the new provider had quoted better rates over a number of months. Suddenly the old provider had become as competitive once they realised that they were no longer getting new contracts...

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The rates are a lot better than those from my bank

Steve started up his freight forwarding business two years ago and had used his bank since then for all his company’s banking needs. When making foreign payments he had to go into his branch with the completed paper work and sign these in front of the cashier who...

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Design Company Boosts Gross Profits

Pat runs a design company which works mainly in Europe and America and receives payment in Euro’s and USD to the value of £1,000,000 per year. His customers were paying this direct to his foreign money exchange provider who then exchanged to GBP using spot or forward...

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Vehicle Accessory Importer Saves Time and Money

Susanne, the accounts manager for a company who import vehicle accessories would make £200,000 worth of transfers each month. When we approached her she was getting quotes from five different foreign money exchange providers across a range of banks and none banks. She...

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