Affiliates and Partners Program

How can you stand out from your competitors?

We have a way to use the foreign exchange transactions you and your customers already carry out to generate a new profitable income stream for your business. We can give you a competitive edge which will increase your margins, income and profits without raising customer prices.

Your own branded Foreign Exchange Service

We will help you set up your own branded Foreign Exchange Service combining The Currency Cloud’s online international payments platform and Frank eXchange’s expertise in the marketing of international payments and currency solutions. This can then be used by your clients, directors and employees. Not only are our rates highly competitive, usually better than the banks, but you make a margin on every transaction.

Frank eXchange provides the marketing and sales expertise for your customers to ensure that their enquiry, application and trading is seamless and any questions or concerns are handled quickly and efficiently.

How does this Partnership work?

The Partnership is simply a commission sharing structure with responsibilities split between the three of us:

The Currency Cloud and Frank eXchange manage:

  • Dealing Desk
  • End Customer Management
  • Know Your Customer checks and all compliance documentation
  • After-sales service, support and training handling all customer queries

You Manage:

  • Promotion of the new Company FX Service to customers and staff

It is Currency Cloud and Frank eXchange’s duty to manage the customer from enquiry through application, all trading activity and payments for the whole lifecycle of any end customer. We take care that this does not affect the relationship that you have with the end customers and we ensure you are kept informed of any trades booked through the platform.

Benefits of using Currency Cloud and Frank eXchange:

  • Regular income stream
  • Convenience for your customers
  • Coverage – we deal in 40 currencies in 212 countries for immediate or staged payments, or booking rates for future use.
  • Efficient – online platform lets you check the rate and make a payment in 30 seconds
  • Automated emails for trade confirmations and payment releases sent to you
  • SWIFT Payment integration, allowing for fast trade settlement
  • Security and Confidence in proven technology and FCA authorisation

Please contact Frank eXchange to discuss how this would work for your company.

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Frank eXchange can be reached at…

Office 4d, Ben Arran House, Wigwam Lane, Hucknall, Nottingham, NG15 7SZ

+44 (0)115 963 2258

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